Why To choose IOT Energy Management for B.Tech?

The B. Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Internet of Things-Energy Management (IoT EM)) is a 4-years undergraduate programme that is divided into 8 semesters.  The B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics (IoT-Energy Management) course offers a blend of IoT Techniques into energy management and generation. 

  • The course is the platform for the students to understand the recent development in energy engineering in association with the emerging machine learning techniques to develop novel solutions for the challenges in this demanding sector. 
  • The course trains the students on the implementation of IoT techniques in energy generation, energy management and ensuring energy efficiency.
  • The course gives a detailed idea of understanding of IoT Architecture and the application of IoT in the energy sector. 
  • The course emphasises on developing the necessary skills for the students to sustain today’s demand in the energy sector and competition in the field of IoT and energy management. 
  • The internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet, all collecting data and sharing data. 
  • Connecting up all these different objects and adding sensors to them adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise dumb, enabling them to communicate real-time data without involving a human interaction. 
  • The internet of things (IoT) is making the fabric of the world around us smarter and more responsive merging the digital and physical universe.
  • Energy management can be broadly defined as the proactive, organised and systematic management of energy use in a building or organisation to satisfy both environmental and economic requirements. 
  • It is a process that does not limit to large buildings and offices, but even to large scale industries. 
  • One can apply the same principles of energy management in all these areas to get assured results. The IoT is even used in energy management for better energy utilisation.

Admission Procedure

The students with relevant qualifications can join the B.Tech Electrical & Electronics (IoT and Energy Management) course by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is under NRI/Management quota.

How to get admission to a B.Tech Electrical & Electronics (IoT and Energy Management) course in Bangalore?

Career & Scope

There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the energy industry. This energy sector is exponentially increasing and has created ample job opportunities in the field.

Some of the job roles available are:

Renewable Energy Engineer: 

  • Becoming a renewable energy engineer is one of the easiest ways to get involved in green energy. 
  • The governments in many countries have made it mandatory to install the solar panels on their roofs
  • There is a need for solar panels to be installed, and someone has to come out and do the job.
  • The renewable energy engineers can also provide complementary services, like better insulation or special windows that keep heating and cooling needs to a minimum. 
  • The renewable energy engineers are responsible to meet the needs for both renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs PA to 5 Lakhs PA

Green Engineer: 

  • Green engineering is a broad field that is gaining a lot of attention in the world community. 
  • These green engineers help design things like wind turbines and solar panels that are budget friendly and highly efficient. 
  • They can work in any sector where things need to be built and powered. 
  • Almost every industry, from farming to manufacturing to commercial development to real estate will benefit from the help of a green engineer.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs PA to 6 Lakhs PA

Environment Consultant: 

  • As an environmental consultant is one who applies to more than just renewable energy – it affects all aspects of a company’s efforts to become environmentally friendly 
  • The organizations trying to reduce their environmental impact will hire consultants to measure what they’re doing and find ways to reduce damage they may be doing. As an environmental consultant one can help convert dirty businesses into clean ones.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs PA to 6 Lakhs PA

Top Organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IoT-Energy Management) students

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IoT-Energy Management) students are:

  • Suzlon
  • Tata Powers
  • Adani Powers
  • Reliance Powers
  • NTPC

Final Lines

The Internet of things (IoT Energy Management) is the next revolution in technology in the energy industry. With more penetration of the internet in our everyday lives, the IoT has also found its penetration even in the energy management sector. 

The B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics (IoT-Energy Management) students are required in large numbers in the future for a sustainable environment. The students interested in renewable and energy management can join the B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IoT and Energy Management) course and earn a handsome salary.


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