Career Opportunities available after Chemical Engineering course

Chemical Engineering is a discipline influencing numerous areas of technology. In broad terms chemical engineers conceive and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials beginning with experimentation in the laboratories followed by implementation of the technology in full-scale production. Chemical engineering is one of the popular courses offered in top engineering colleges in Bangalore.

  • Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes for refining raw materials and for mixing compounding and processing chemicals to make valuable products. 
  • The chemical engineering course involves the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes for converting raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms including those to remove chemicals from waste materials to enable large scale manufacture. 
  • The course combines the knowledge of chemistry and engineering to produce chemicals and engineers to produce chemicals and are related by products. 
  • The course covers varied fields like biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical technology, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibres, petroleum refining technology, biotechnology etc.

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Admission Procedures

The students with relevant qualifications can join B.Tech/BE Chemical Engineering courses by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is under NRI/Management Quota.

Career & Scope

Chemical engineering is one of the most established engineering branches in the world. There are ample job opportunities for skilled professionals. They are hired in many chemical industries and petroleum refineries.

Some of the job roles available are

Plant Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Plant Manager include overseeing projects and the daily operations of the company’s manufacturing or processing plants. 
  • The plant manager is also in charge of managing employees for productivity and safety. 
  • The plant managers are required to plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations 
  • The plant managers are required to develop and drive continuous improvement initiatives
  • The plant managers are expected to participate in various activities related to safety, quality, productivity, innovation, information and data security, supply management, marketing, people management, HR and other delivery
  • The plant managers are responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping
  • The plant managers are required to implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus
  • The plant managers are required to determine KPIs and measure them on a regular basis
  • The plant managers are expected to stay up to date with latest production trends, best practices and technology

Average Salary Range: 4 LPA to 6 LPA
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Operations Manager: Roles and Responsibilities

  • An Operations manager directs the organization in its production – whether it is services or products. His/her job may vary from one employer to another on a specific level. 
  • The Operations managers are expected to act as the coordinator between his department to other departments as well as between his/her employees and superiors, such as C-level Executives and Shareholders.
  • The operations managers are required to ensure that all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way
  • The operations managers are expected to Improve operational management systems, processes and best practices
  • The operations managers are responsible to formulate strategic and operational objectives

Average Salary Range: 3 LPA to 5 LPA

Chemical Engineer: Roles and Responsibilities  

  • The Chemical Engineers are responsible to ensure that all work is done according to expectations. 
  • The chemical engineers are responsible to monitor the performances of his/her employees and confront them as needed. Professionals should also help recent students; get them accustomed to the working environment, chemicals, biomedical materials, technology, systems and everything else within a workplace. 
  • Chemical engineers are required to use scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles to solve problems and improve processes.
  • The chemical engineers are responsible for observing production processes, conducting research, and finding ways to increase efficiency and quality.
  • The chemical engineers are responsible to establish safety and waste management procedures.

Average Salary Range:5 LPA to 7 LPA

Production Engineer: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The production engineers need to study all such special equipment in detail, learn about the Suppliers / designers/ fabricators and try to think of them being used elsewhere in other unit operations also with minor changes. 
  • The production engineers should also focus on handling large volumes of chemicals specially their storage systems. 
  • The production engineers are responsible for the smooth flow of production of the products and are required to ensure that all the raw materials are available for producing final products from the production units.
  • The production engineers are required to supervise the manufacturing processes, ensuring quality work is done in a safe, efficient manner.
  • The production engineers are required to coordinate with other engineers to develop plans that improve production costs for a project
  • The production engineers are required to diagnose problems in the production line and provide recommendations and training.
  • The production engineers are responsible to establish safety procedures and protocols that take the workers' well-being into account, and that also minimize the carbon footprint.

Average Salary Range: 5 LPA to 7 LPA

Top Organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Chemical Engineering students

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Chemical Engineering students are:

  • HPCL
  • BPCL
  • IOCL
  • MPCL
  • Shell Petrochemicals

Concluding Lines

The Chemical Engineers have excellent job opportunities in chemical engineering sectors. They are required in large numbers especially in refinery plants, petrochemical production units. The Chemical Engineers have always been in high demand and are well-paid and can expect excellent career growth in the field. The students with a passion towards chemical engineering can join this course.
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