How to prepare for the KCET Exam?

About KCET

The KCET Exam is a state level exam of Karnataka State for admissions to different engineering and architecture courses offered by all the engineering and architecture colleges of Karnataka. The aspirants can get admissions for courses to all the engineering and architecture colleges of Karnataka based on the scores of KCET Exam. The KCET exam is conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) every year and students interested to join engineering colleges in Karnataka have to attend the KCET exam and undergo counselling to choose their seats in top engineering colleges in Bangalore

For Details about KCET Exam

What is KEA?

  • The Government of Karnataka established a common Entrance Test Cell for conducting of entrance test and determining the eligibility/merit, for admission to different professional courses offered by all the colleges in Karnataka.
  • The KEA conducts common entrance exam for different professional courses such as B.Tech/BE, B.Pharma, D.Pharma, Agriculture, Sericulture, Horticulture, Forestry, Agri Biotech, Home Science, Food Science and Technology, Agri Marketing, Pharmacy, Food Technology, Dairy Technology, Fisheries and Veterinary Science courses offered in Karnataka.

How to crack the KCET Exam?

The aspirants who are interested to join top engineering colleges in Bangalore for different engineering courses should qualify the KCET entrance exam. Majority of students fail due to high competition and lack of good preparations. 

Let’s find out how can you crack the KCET Exam in the first place

Be Strong with Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals are the key for any success or achievements, the basics is very important for anything
  • It is very important to focus more on fundamentals to be successful in any entrance exam
  • Many students overlook the fundamentals and is a grave mistake that can cost them very much
  • If the fundamentals are strong then the chance of getting success in KCET exam increases many times

Better Planning

  • In order to crack any exam a proper planning is required to achieve success
  • The students appearing for KCET exam have to properly plan their preparations from their 10th standard. So, this helps them to manage time accordingly without getting panic
  • A simple google search can give you tons of information about entrance exams and one can find many success stories of students about their experience with KCET exam
  • The students with a proper planning and approach can become successful in their KCET exam
  • The students should maintain a daily schedule for preparations by planning their study hours right from their 10th standard.
  • The students should apply effective strategies to understand the concepts of different sections like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in KCET exam
  • Proper planning also helps them in time management; and this is crucial for cracking the KCET Exam.

Put Extra effort to address your Weaknesses  

  • The students should identify their weak subjects and they should put an extra effort to address those points
  • Addressing the weak subjects and topics will increase your confidence so that you will not lose valuable marks in the KCET exam
  • A proper balance should be maintained between your weak points and strong points, better effort should be given to address your weak subjects along with improvising your strong points, this will eventually lead you towards success

Boost Self Confidence

  • Self Confidence is the key to taste success, this holds good for irrespective of the competitive entrance exams that you may encounter in your career
  • Many students lack self-confidence and they end up failing the entrance exams. 
  • The increase in self-confidence helps students to crack any exam irrespective of difficulty.
  • The self-confidence can be developed with proper preparation techniques like stronger fundamentals, practice, solving previous years question papers, doing concept-based approach etc
  • The time management is also very important to gain confidence, the more you prepare and practice, the better it increases your confidence levels

Solving Previous Years Question Papers

  • Cracking any exam is difficult not impossible all the exams are similar in patterns but the difficulty levels may very
  • The previous year question papers of any exams will play a key role for understanding the trends of examiners 
  • Solving previous years exam papers will give the students a detailed idea of exam pattern and types of questions being asked by the examiners
  • Try to solve 5-years question papers to understand the trends and try to observe the types of questions asked
  • This mere observation roughly gives the idea of the questions and it can be easy to predict questions that can be asked in the entrance exams.


  • The students should practice a lot of questions from different sources before attempting any entrance exams.
  • The effective practice sessions will give the students a detailed analysis of the questions and it also increases their confidence levels
  • Choose the questions from different sections and practice them as much as possible, this practice of questions helps them in time management. 
  • There are good study materials available in the web try to gather more and more questions and solve them as much as possible
  • More and more practice helps the students even in time management, this also increases the confidence levels
  • The students should solve the questions in a smart way such that time management is achieved effectively. 
  • Solving the previous year’s question papers helps the students to get the pattern of questions that are asked and prepare accordingly for the KCET Exam
  • Regular mock tests from different sources will make life easier for students when it comes to KCET Exam 

Determination, Dedication, Discipline along with some rest to your body

  • The level of determination and dedication decides the future of the students 
  • One must have a single-minded objective that he/she get admissions to top engineering colleges in Bangalore while preparing for KCET Exam 
  • Dedication and determination will prove that you are a better aspirant than anyone.
  • Consistency is the key factor for any exams, many people get frustrated and lose constancy in their preparation, to maintain consistency it is advised to students to practice some yoga and meditation during their preparations
  • It is also strongly recommended to give proper rest to your body during the preparations and this also helps in maintaining consistency throughout your preparation phase. 

Popular Books available for KCET Exam

There are many books available in market when it comes to study material for KCET exam, some of the important and popular books are:

  • NCERT Books of Class 11th and 12th (For Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
  • Arihant Publications
  • S.Chand Publications
  • KCET by Don Bosco
  • KCET by PG Umrani
  • MCQ by Asit Das Gupta
  • KCET by Dinesh

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KCET entrance exam preparations can be tiring, but a properly focused approach can convert the tiring attitude into an interest that makes you achieve your goal to pursue your engineering degree in top engineering colleges in Bangalore. 

The above were the key steps that can surely help you achieve success in your preparations and show you a definite path of success.  The students are advised to follow these steps and prepare wholeheartedly with dedication. And success is definitely assured and they can reach greater heights in their careers with an engineering degree in hand.


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