How to prepare for the PESSAT Exam?

PES University is the deemed university and is one of the top private universities in Bangalore. The PES University was established under People Education Society’ Trust by a learned and visionary educationist Dr. M. R Doreswamy. The PES University is committed to providing “education for the real world” that inspires students to realize their potential. Over the years, the university has accomplished the educational charm with the participative efforts of the management, staff, students and parents.

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About PESSAT Exam

  • PESSAT stands for People Educational Society Scholastic Aptitude Test. 
  • The PESSAT is one of the top competitive entrance exams that is conducted for admission to various courses in PES University
  • Every year PES University conducts national level PESSAT exam to find the right students for the university

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How to crack the PESSAT Exam?

Everyone thinks that cracking an entrance exam is a huge task and fear of failure, but in reality, this is not the fact. A proper approach can help you to crack any entrance exam.

Some of the tips that can help to crack PESSAT entrance exam

Work on your Fundamentals

  • Be strong with your fundamentals, because majority of times the questions will be framed on fundamental concepts
  • Focussing on fundamentals helps you to build confidence, this in turn helps you to perform better in the exam without any panic 
  • Strong fundamentals of the topics can help you to reach success

Proper Planning & Excellent Strategy

  • Proper planning solves nearly 70% of the pain of preparation for the entrance exam
  • The students should formulate a proper plan every day during preparations, so that they can divide the time to prepare all the sections
  • A daily schedule of study hours ensures proper justice is given in preparations for these entrance exams
  • Plan accordingly so that you can understand the concepts of different sections like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in PESSAT exam

Focus on the Weakness  

  • Every student will face weakness in some subjects when it comes to preparations, nobody is perfect at all. So, try to figure out which are weak subjects and focus more on those subjects
  • Put your effort to fix your weaknesses by giving it more time during your preparations
  • Addressing the weak points will fetch you good marks and enable you score better in the exams

Self Confidence

  • Self Confidence solves 90% of your problems, boost your self-confidence and feel that no one is better than you
  • Working on fundamentals will further boost your self-confidence and practice adds to it
  • Self-Confidence further improves your time management skills during exams
  • Practice more to boost your morale and self-confidence

Previous Years Question Papers

  • The previous year question papers always holds untold secrets irrespective of the entrance exams
  • The previous years papers help you to find the pattern of the questions asked previously. This helps you in preparations for PESSAT exam

  • Try to solve the 5-years previous years question papers regularly, this gives you a better idea of the question paper pattern and questions how they are asked
  • Practicing previous years papers will help you to get a rough idea of the paper and you can prepare accordingly

Practice lot of questions

  • Practice makes man perfect, the more you practice the more is the chance of success
  • Practice more and more questions from all the sections, this helps you to work on your time management also
  • Take regular mock tests every day and see the difference in your performance on the exam day, the more you practice the more is the chance of getting successful in PESSAT exam

Determination, Dedication, Discipline along with some rest to your body

  • Determination and dedication of the students decides the future of your goals
  • Try to keep a single-minded objective that you should crack the PESSAT exam
  • Preparations are tiring, and many will lose the consistency in the preparations due to frustrations
  • Give enough rest and sleep to your body, take breaks at regular intervals every day will help you to sustain the consistency till the exam day
  • Try not to get distracted due to external factors and ensure that you stay focused towards your preparations


PESSAT entrance exam preparations can be tiring, but with a proper strategy and best approach to the preparations can help you to reach success in the PESSAT exam. Getting into PES university is not an easy task but it is also not impossible. Believe in yourself and prepare well with the dedicated approach you can easily crack the PESSAT exam.


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