B.Tech/BE Mining Engineering

The B.Tech/BE Mining Engineering is a 4-years undergraduate course that is divided into 8-semesters. The course aims to boost the knowledge and polishing the skills of students that are applicable in the mining industry. The course encompasses core elective and practical sessions related to the mining industry. The course structure is allocated according to the current trends in the mining industry and their requirements. The course trains the students on various aspects of mining like surveying, exploration, planning, cost estimation, extraction and processing of minerals, metals and other natural resources from the earth.

The students with theB.Tech Mining Engineering specialisations will be studying the following topics during their course duration

Earth Processes Calculus
General Mining Statistics
Surveying and Map Preparation Economic Analysis
Earth’s Crust Fluids
Geostatistics Exploration and Field Mapping
Strength of Materials Thermodynamics
Dynamics Mine Systems
Soil Mechanics Rock Mechanics
Mineral Deposits Structural Analysis
Environmental Issues Applied Analysis
Mine Ventilation Mineral and natural Resource Law
Applied Geomechanics Senior Design
Electrical Engineering Mine Development
Introduction to Geology Mineral Exploration
Mine Surveying Introduction to Mining Technology
System Engineering Surface Mining Technology
Rock Mechanics & Ground Control Material Handling Systems
Mineral Processing Technology Engineering Economics and Industrial Management
Rock Mechanics Mineral Processing
Underground Coal & Metal Mining Technology Surface Mining Technology
Operations Research Mine Environmental Engineering
Mine Legislation and Safety Engineering Advanced Coal Mining Technology
Advanced Surface Mining Mine Planning
Ecology and Environmental Management Remote Sensing
Mining of Deep-Seated Deposits Economics & Mine Management
Small Scale Mining Geomechanics

Salary Package

The fresh B.Tech Mining Engineering students will usually start their careers with a salary package of around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The pay scales increase according to their experience.The salaries also depends upon the skills and academic performance of the students.

Job Roles

Some of the job roles available for B.Tech Mining Engineering

  • Mine Managers
  • Mine Operations Manager
  • Mine Planners
  • Mine Ventilation Engineer

Top Colleges offering B.Tech Mining Engineering course are:

  • Acharya Institute of Technology