B.Tech/BE Aerospace Engineering

The B.Tech/BE Aerospace Engineering is a 4-years undergraduate course that is divided into 8-semesters. The course elaborates about the basic components of an aircraft such as its design and the science behind it. The course deals with the aircraft within the atmosphere of earth and also with those that operate outside the earth’s atmosphere. It is an applied discipline of engineering dealing with making, designing, manufacturing, functioning and maintenance of vehicles as aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. The course deals with the study and practice of areas of specialisation like aerodynamics, thermodynamics, control systems, propulsion celestial mechanics and electronics.

The students with the B.Tech Aerospace Engineering specialisations will be studying the following topics during their course duration

Applied Mathematics Applied Physics
Elements of Mechanical Engineering Introduction to Computer Programming
Electrical Science Applied Chemistry
Object Oriented Programming using C++ Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Graphics Elements of Aerospace Engineering
Introduction to UAVs Thermodynamics
Mechanics of Solids Introduction to Microprocessors
Introduction to Renewable Energy Industrial Safety
Composite Materials Aircraft Structures
Electronics Lab Aerodynamics
Machine Shop Understanding Light through lens
Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic Systems Robotics
Composite Materials Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Stability & Control Measurement Lab
Space Flight Navigation and Guidance Aircraft Design
Aircraft Materials and Process Aircraft Maintenance and Quality Assurance
Airplane Structure Lab Biomass and Biofuels
Gas Dynamics Vibrations
Flight Dynamics Propulsion
Aerospace Structures Aerospace Engineering
Fluid Mechanics  

Salary Package

The fresh B.Tech Aerospace Engineering students will usually start their careers with a salary package of around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The pay scales increase according to their experience.The salaries also depends upon the skills and academic performance of the students.

Job Roles

Some of the job roles available for B.Tech Aerospace Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Flight Technician
  • Aircraft Designer
  • Military Aerospace Engineer
  • Aerospace Technician

Top Colleges offering B.Tech Aerospace Engineering course are:

  • RV College of Engineering
  • BMS Engineering College
  • MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • Jain University
  • Dayananda Sagar University