B.Tech/BE Aeronautical Engineering

The B.Tech/BE Aeronautical Engineering course is a 4-years undergraduate course that is divided into 8-semesters. The course is designed in such a way to enhance students with problem-solving ability in the aeronautical science field and provide major insights into design, operations and controls involved in aviation technology. The course also deals with the working maintenance designing and development of aircrafts such as aeroplanes, rockets and even drones.

The students with the B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering specialisations will be studying the following topics during their course duration

Laser & Fibre Optics Trigonometry
Differential Calculus Crystal Physics and Non-destructive Testing
Acoustics and Ultrasonics Computer Programming with C
Pictorial Projections Engineering Graphics
Vector Calculus Chemical Thermodynamics
Complex Integration Fuels and Energy Sources
Dynamics of Particles Electrochemistry and Corrosion
Laplace Transform Fourier Transforms
Properties of Fluid Pressure Rotary Motion Liquids
Probability Distributions Series Solutions of Differential Equations
The Multidisciplinary nature of environmental science Statically determinate structures
Failure Theory Convective Heat Transfer
Semiconductor Devices Microprocessors
Open and Closed Loop Systems Aircraft Performance
Unsymmetrical Bending Conformal Transformation
Stress Analysis in Wing and Fuselage Subsonic and SuperSonic Inlets for Jet Engines
Aeroplane Control Systems Aircraft Systems
Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges Normal, Oblique Shocks and Expansion Waves
Shop Floor Control and Introduction to FMS Cim Implementation and Data Communication
One Dimensional Compressible Flow Aircraft Gas Turbines
Ramjet Propulsion Chemical Rockets
Introduction to Avionics Flight Deck and Cockpit
Mechanical Working of Metals Discretization
Finite Element Techniques Introduction to Reliability
Failure of Data Analysis System Reliability

Salary Package

The fresh B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering students will usually start their careers with a salary package of around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The pay scales increase according to their experience. The salaries also depend upon the skills and academic performance of the students.

Job Roles

Some of the job roles available for B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Airframe Mechanical Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Materials Engineer
  • Aircraft Structural Engineer

Top Colleges offering B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering course are:

  • Dayananda Sagar Engineering College
  • Jain University
  • Acharya Institute of Technology